Progressive Doom Metal | Baltimore, United States

Released via I, Voidhangar Records in May 2012

From Baltimore in the United States of America comes one of the most unique Metal bands to have graced the pages here at Destructive Music! “Passion Rift” marks the bands debut album and is the follow up to the “Chowder Demo” and the “Chowder EP”. Their art work I’m sure you’ll agree is a master piece, a collection of weirdness that stands out a mile and works completely as art work for an album, and let me tell you, the music that Chowder produce is very much of the same quality and traits.


The first point to be put out there for you is that despite the fact that Chowder are very much a Doom Metal band, with very much Doom Metal like nineteen minute songs in places, they are also in fact entirely instrumental, apart from the song introduction that features “Fry” from “Futurama” rambling about his massive bottle of Shasta and his all Rush mix tape, classic quote and a great inclusion to the album for comedy value!


Another epic thing to note about Chowder is that they utilize electronic interludes and under-tones to break up the Metal and add variety and depth to proceedings, and not only do they do this with style but said electronic interludes sound like they have been taken straight from George Romero’s 1978 Zombie classic “Dawn of the Dead”. Truly intense and strange and vastly entertaining. Chowder’s riff-age is extremely confident and Doom like, it flows superbly and melds one song into the next. The end result is that “Passion Rift” is mysterious, entertaining, exciting and extravagantly unique! [9/10 – Luke Hayhurst]